About The Webinar

Discover how retail and financial technologies are enabling merchants to overcome challenges such as cross-border fraud, regulatory complexity, fulfillment and delivery logistics, tax calculation and payment management across currencies, payment methods, and borders.

During this webinar Andrew McClelland, IMRG Head of Industry Insight; Lucy Walsh, Avalara Business Development Manager EMEA; and Nathan Jackson Zooz VP Europe will discuss the needs of merchants growing their international customer base, including the technologies to best serve various nationalities in terms of consumer preferences and legal requirements.

By gaining an in-depth and accurate understanding of how to cater your
e-commerce to foreign customers, your organization can expand its reach internationally and ensure increased conversions and customer retention worldwide.

Attend the webinar and you will learn:

  • How to ensure a seamless checkout experience for customers around the world
  • Which technologies you can use to cut the costs and burdens of international e-commerce
  • What concerns and motivates cross-border online shoppers
  • How to increase conversion rates and customer retention internationally
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Presented by

Andrew McClelland
Head of Industry Insight, IMRG
Lucy Walsh
Bus Dev Manager EMEA,
Nathan Jackson
VP Europe,

Maximizing Payments Performance

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